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Totally understand! That's a really cool meaning though :) I think if it means a lot to you then you should go ahead. People will always be jerks no matter what, and their opinion doesn't matter.

Thanks! It hella looks cool too though, but it’s something that will always carry meaning. 

People suck and you’ve got to try your best to ignore their crap.

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Would it matter if it was mainstream? The only thing that should matter is if YOU like it or not :) Also, I think it would be awesome, does it have a meaning or just cause it's really cool? ahah

The meaning for me is that I have just travelled around Europe and it was possibly the best experience I’ve ever had and I just want to continue exploring the world. 

It only bothers me being mainstream or not is that people take the piss. I know that some will do it no matter what, but it’s like people and the infinity sign. So many people got it and it sort of became a joke to have. 

thinking about a world map tattoo on my back. 

or has it become too mainstream?


"Famous from a sex tape"

More like rich from someone leaking her sex tape against her will and then famous because of all the money she made from the lawsuit and her tv show? And all her other smart business decisions? Sit your bitter ass down

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